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Patio containers

Growing Clematis on a Patio

Clematis grown in containers are a beautiful way to add height to a patio or courtyard garden. Choose a container 18" (45cm) approx. diameter for a single clematis plant. For larger containers consider planting two or more plants per container.

1. Obelisk support/or canes tied wigwam fashion.

2. Root crown buried 2.5" (5cm) below soil surface.

3. Soil surface covered with low growing plants to provide shade for root system.

4. Loosen out main base roots prior to planting.

5. Use loam based compost such as John Innes No. 3.

6. Base drainage aided by layer of small stones or pea gravel.

7. Place pebbles or broken pottery over drainage holes.
8. Terracotta or wood make best materials. Ensure good drainage.