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Clematis climbing plants make a superb adornment for arches. Consider using two planted either side for full cover.

1. Strong cane leading shoots to main framework of archway.

2. Top of rootball at least 2.5" (5cm) below soil level.

3. Loosen rootball and plant in mixture of loam, peat or peat substitute.

4. Line hole base with well-rotted garden compost or well rotted manure.

5. Hole width and depth approximately 18" (45cm) x 18" (45cm).

6. Base of plant at least 6" (15cm) from main arch vertical.

7. Consider providing shade to roots with low growing shallow rooted plants.

Suitable Varieties

Useful varieties for growing over archways are grouped in the "Patio and Garden" section of the catalogue. Choose more vigorous cultivars that grow more than 6' (2m)  Taller cultivars from the Regal® (double) group are also useful (e.g. Josephine) and have the additional bonus of exceptionally long flower life. Viennetta flowers profusely along the length of the plant but being of thinner foliage may require a companion plant such as ceanothus - although if the arch has an attractive structure and is worth showing off then the thinner foliage may be an advantage.