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Chelsea ™ Evipo100

This amazing compact plant is ideal for the smallest garden area, balcony, deck garden, patio or outdoor dining area when grown in a container.

Its use as a plant growing in a hanging basket is something new for clematis. It makes a truly stunning plant on its own or with other annual bedding plants.

If grown in a hanging basket it can be pruned down to 6" (15cm) after flowering in mid summer for it to rebloom in early autumn provided it is well watered and fed.


Mid Spring to early autumn (Fall)


Any but will fade slightly in full sun


2-3ft. (60-90cm)


Cut down all stems to 6" (15cm) late winter/early Spring (also see above)


Zones 4-9 USA, H5 UK (Learn more)


Boulevard® (compact patio)

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    Supplied year round as a mature 2yr old green plant in large 1.5Litre Pot with 45cm trellis. Pruned & ready to plant outdoors. Shoots emerging from woody stems to trellis height.

    (If sent in winter months, Nov-Feb, deciduous leaves will be removed)