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Issey™ Ex Chelsea
Issey™ Ex Chelsea
Issey™ Ex Chelsea
Issey™ Ex Chelsea
Issey™ Ex Chelsea
Issey™ Ex Chelsea

Issey™ Ex Chelsea


Pruned 2 yr old (ex. 3 litre) potted plants saved from the 2022 Gold Medal Winning stand. Supplied as a mature, pruned, bagged rootball with semi woody stems but limited foliage. This is a good "ready to plant" format that will establish and flower later this season and thereafter. Slightly more mature than our standard plants, not as visually appealing out of the box but a good strong garden ready plant.

Limited stocks becoming available on June 20th.

Details otherwise the same as our standard product.


Issey ™ Evipo081(n) is perhaps one of the most compact red varieties and a sunny location will bring the best out of its vibrant colour offset by a yellow centre.

Featured as part of the Gold medal winning exhibit at the RHS Chelsea show 2022.

It makes a stunning plant when grown in a container, on an obelisk, with an under-planting of grey-foliaged annual plants.

Ideal for the smaller garden or for growing on a deck, patio or outdoor dining area.

Like many "red" clematis Issey has an element of blue pigment and may under certain conditions appear slightly purple in colour.

Link to Growing Guides and Planting Ideas.



Early Summer to Late Autumn


Any site but great in full sun


3-4 ft. (90-120cm)


Reduce all stems down to 6" (15cm) late winter/early Spring. Pictorial pruning guide


Zones 4-9 USA, Fully Hardy in UK.


Boulevard® (compact patio)