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Raymond Evison Clematis are available for purchase either online or through a network of Garden Centres.

We only supply fully mature two season old plants - NOT plugs or liners. They will be ready to plant outside(in season) or to enjoy flowering in their supplied pot.

Garden Centre retailers provide the opportunity for you to select from premium quality plants grown in 3 litre pots and trained on a 33" (85cm) trellis. Plants for mail order will be dispatched in a custom presentation box via Royal Mail (1.5ltr pots/20" (50cm) trellis).

USA / CANADA    We are currently unable to supply online orders to North America and Canada but are adding to our garden centre retailers here 

Featured Cultivar

Viennetta ™

Viennetta ™ Evipo006

Viennetta has one of the most stunning and remarkable flowers of any clematis and is always a star attraction on exhibits of clematis at the famous Chelsea Flower Show.

A plant for a sheltered part of the garden or for growing in a container. When planted in the garden, it should be grown through other evergreen shrubs, preferably those that are wall-trained. Not winter hardy in all areas.

Alternatively, this superb plant is equally happy when grown in a conservatory or garden room in the soil or in a container and when grown in indoors it will flower to Christmas or beyond.

£13.99 £4.95 Packing & Delivery