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Corinne ™ Evipo63

Clematis Corinne was launched at the 2015 Chelsea Flower Show. It creates a fine garden plant or can be grown in a container but it is also a great cut flower clematis.

A strong-growing plant that produces strong flower stems, making it ideal for cutting for the home where it can last 10 days.

A plant for a shady part of the garden where it needs deep-coloured flowers or foliage to enhance its pale flowers.

A strong plant for growing in a container, for the deck garden, patio or outdoor dining area, where it will brighten up such an area.


Early summer to mid summer and late summer to early autumn (Fall)


Any site with partial shade


4-5ft. (120-150cm)


Reduce all top growth down to 6" (15cm) late winter/early Spring


Zones 4-9 USA, H5 UK (Learn more)


Boulevard® (compact patio)

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  • Standard £13.99

    Supplied year round as a mature 2yr old green plant in large 1.5Litre Pot with 45cm trellis. Pruned & ready to plant outdoors. Shoots emerging from woody stems to trellis height.

    (If sent in winter months, Nov-Feb, deciduous leaves will be removed)