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The first of a series of cultural and growing guideline videos presented by Raymond Evison have been released.  They

 aim to provide simple and practical advice in bitesize chunks.


Video's are held on the Raymond Evison Clematis YouTube Channel -


These include

    Selecting Plants for Planters and containers

    Pruning Clematis

    Planting Clematis in Pots and Containers.

The team at Raymond Evison Clematis are very much looking forward to the 2018 Chelsea Flower Show.


The 2018 Chelsea Flower Show will see Raymond J. Evison OBE attempting to be awarded his 30th Chelsea Flower Show Gold Medal for exhibits of clematis cultivars.
He first exhibited at Chelsea in the late 1960s when he was a junior partner and managing director of Treasures of Tenbury Ltd, Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire.

Since 1997 he has exhibited from time to time from his Guernsey Clematis Nursery and from 2003 he has been awarded 15 consecutive Chelsea Flower Show Gold Medals.


The 2018 exhibit will be a contemporary seashore exhibit featuring clematis floating on 3 waves that are 14m long and also rolling underneath these waves.
There will be two board-walks where visitors can walk between the waves and admire the clematis flowers closely, thus interacting with the plants. Also incorporated in the design will be 5 boats full of clematis in flower, the boats will appear to be floating on a sea of blue clematis flowers along side the sandy shoreline .


The shoreline of sea sand  will feature amongst other items, old fashioned crab and lobster pots also enhanced  with clematis plants  in flower.
There will be three new clematis cultivars on view that are part of the Raymond Evison Clematis Collection for 2018, these being C.Nubia (tm) Evipo079(n) a stunning new red  C.Sarah Elizabeth (tm) Evipo098(n) a new colour break in pink flowered clematis, which is named after Sarah Elizabeth Groves who tragically lost her life in Kashmir .
And C.Tranquilite (tm) Evipo111(n) an outstanding very paleblue/white named to acknowledge the outstanding work of Les Bourgs Hospice in Guernsey.

Raymond's Guernsey Clematis Nursery is one of the leading breeders and producers of clematis in the world with over two million young clematis produced and shipped around the world during 2017, its new market areas include South Korea  Japan and China.

We are proud to annouce that Raymond Evison's 2017 exibit has been awarded with a Gold Medal. Raymond Evison's 15th consecutive gold.

The design featured Raymond Evison Clematis introductions draped in waves in a sea shore inspired design.  The adventurous design was acknowledged with the Design Innovation award for exhibits within the Great Pavillion.


The stand(and Raymond!) appear as a backdrop to the telegraph feature on the Queen's vist


A facebook video view of the stand(BBC Radio Guernsey) can be seen here(you may have to scroll to relevant story):-

At the 2017 Chelsea Flower Show Raymond Evison Clematis are featuring a Contemporary Sea Shore scene with clematis arranged to appear as if they were floating on 5 metal waves. Clematis will also be arranged under the waves in netting rolls as if they were left on the sea bed.
The exhibit is 140sq metres in area.
The base will be sea sand with some Guernsey beach pebbles and two wide broad walks where show visitors can walk between the waves and be able to interact with the clematis plants .
There will be over 2,000 plants displayed showing more than 40 different varieties of clematis, all bred in Raymond's famous Guernsey Clematis Nursery.

Three new Raymond Evison Clematis varieties are being released at the RHS Chelsea 2017 show.

C. Sachatm Evipo060 (n) .
A bright deep blue which is a marvellous multi flowering plant .
The flowers are produced in great abundance from early summer to Autumn, an ideal plant for any aspect or location, it grows to only 1-2/1-5m (4/5ft ) and is ideal for a small garden.

C. Charmainetm Evipo022 (n) .
A stunning scarlet coloured clematis which produces both single / semi- double and fully double flowers all at the same time on the same plant, each flower has a contrasting yellow centre. Flowering from early summer until early autumn .
Any aspect will suit this plant, (except north facing)but due to its heavy double flowers it is best grown through other wall trained shrubs or climbers where they will receive some protection from rain and strong winds.

C. Kittytm Evipo97 (n) .
A charming compact clematis that will only grows to about 60/90cm (2/3ft ).
It's creamy white flowers have a pinkish / brown centre and are only 8/9cm ( 4") in diameter,a repeat flowering plant from early summer to Autumn
It's very tight and compact habit makes it ideal for growing in a container for the patio/ deck garden or even on a balcony in a window box or small container.

Clematis Kitty is named in honour of an inspirational young women who was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukaemia when she was 14 years old.
The work of Anthony Nolan helped save her life .
When purchasing a plant of clematis Kitty, Raymond Evison Clematis will gift a percentage of their royalties to Anthony Nolan to help the charity to continue with its important and urgent work.

The RHS have released details of their UK Garden tour that takes in the delights of some of the best private gardens in Guernsey and the isle of Sark

Highlights of the 5 day tour include:-

  • Private gardens in and around St Peter Port
  • Guernsey Clematis Nursery
  • Overnight stay on the island of Sark
  • La Seigneurie Garden and wild flower meadows on Sark

Further details are available direct from the RHS via the link below

We are proud to announce that Raymond Evison's RHS Chelsea 2016 display of his and Poulsen Roser's bred clematis was awarded a Gold medal. This was Raymond's

28th Chelsea Gold Medal and his 14th in succession. 

The stand featured individually highlighted specimen containers, many featuring metail oblisks & supports and two large 3m revolving carousels.  

Two new clematis were released at the show Volunteer Evipo080(n) and Tekla Evipo069(n).



At the 2016 Chelsea Flower Show Raymond Evison will be launching two new clematis cultivars that have been bred and developed on Raymond's famous Guernsey Clematis Nursery as part of his breeding programme with Poulsen Roser A/S. Details & Ticket Information for the RHS Chelsea show 24th-28th May 2016 can be found here
These are clematis VolunteerTM Evipo080 (n) and clematis TeklaTM Evipo069 (n) .
Clematis VolunteerTM Evipo080 (n) ,has been named  Volunteer in recognition of the enormous work undertaken around the world by Volunteers .
The concept came from Jack Andrews himself a Volunteer at the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew ( England ) .
Jack and a team of Volunteers from RBG Kew will be present on the Raymond Evison Exhibit at Chelsea in 2016 .
.It is felt that the colour of the flower will lend itself to be purchased as a gift and grown by either male or female Volunteers ,a great way to recognise the valuable work carried out by Volunteers around the world .

Clematis TeklaTM Evipo069 (n) .
A very useful clematis for using with other plants in mixed borders ,through roses either growing up into them at the base of archways or free standing shrub or botanical roses giving them extra interest when they are not flowering ..
It's reddish /pink colouring lends itself beautifully to be used with a good cross section of other colours ,it associates splendidly with silver or golden variegated foliaged shrubs ,with purples and golden yellow foliaged shrubs such as philadelphus or weigela.

The Guernsey Clematis Nursery Ltd is delighted to announce that Fenchurch Advisory Partners have generously agreed to sponsor the Raymond Evison Clematis Exhibit at the 2016 Chelsea Flower Show.

Raymond Evison OBE VMH has exhibited at the world famous Chelsea Flower Show for a great number of years and to date has been awarded 27 Chelsea Flower Show Gold Medals for exhibits that he has either grown the plants for, helped stage the exhibit and in the last thirteen years has also designed. This commitment to the exhibit from breeding through to design has been rewarded with 13 consecutive gold medals.


Raymond Evison says: “The generous sponsorship provided by Fenchurch Advisory Partners allows us to stage stunning exhibits that would not be possible otherwise due to costs. In the last two years we have been able to display our clematis in a very contemporary way, a great change to previous exhibits. In 2016 we will extend on this contemporary style, which was so much admired by visitors to the Show and gained us great TV coverage thanks to the sponsorship”.


Enjoy more photos of Raymond Evison's gold-medal winning exhibit at Chelsea Flower Show 2015 with clematis displayed in a variety of containers at ground and eye level:           

Raymond Evison exhibit at Chelsea Flower Show

A close-up of one of the clematis planters

Clematis Edda in Spitfire nose cone

Following image courtesy of BBC Radio Guernsey

Raymond Evison showing his clematis to HRH Prince Charles

Raymond Evison is delighted to have won his 13th consecutive Gold Medal at Chelsea Flower Show, his 27th in total over a long career.  This is the first time he has exhibited hanging clematis in innovative Spitfire planes' nose cones.

Clematis at Chelsea Flower Show 2015Clematis Edda in Spitfire nose cone

Raymond Evison Clematis are delighted to be using exterior paints by Farrow & Ball on their 2015 Chelsea Flower Show Exhibit.  The alcoves which are placed behind the arrangements of clematis plants, stand on a base of the delightful Charleston Gray Exterior Eggshell, the alcoves themselves are painted in the stunning Elephant’s Breath Exterior Eggshell.


Raymond Evison says "We are extremely grateful to Farrow & Ball for generously supplying the paints for our 2015 Chelsea Flower Show Exhibit.  These marvellous colours are perfect for contrasting with the colours of our award-winning clematis "


British craftsmen in paint and paper, Farrow & Ball create unparalleled paints and wallpapers using age-old methods at their home in Dorset, England. Their edited palette of 132 paint colours in a complete range of interior and exterior finishes, and artisanal wallpapers transform homes around the world.

Clematis at Chelsea Flower Show 2015

Farrow & Ball website

Raymond Evison will be featuring trailing clematis in very unusual plant pots at Chelsea Flower Show this year - the nose cones of Spitfire planes.  Read more here.

Raymond Evison Clematis are delighted to announce that Clema Corporation Watanabe Engei Japan have agreed to become a Raymond Evison Clematis brand grower for Japan.

Raymond Evison says that it is fitting that one of the leading clematis production nurseries in Japan has very kindly agreed to grow on clematis (for the Japanese market) that have started their life on the island of Guernsey.

The Raymond Evison clematis can be identified by the distinctive brand label, which carries Raymond's signature and will be available in leading Japanese retail plant centres.

Yuki Watanabe who visited Guernsey in the summer of 2014 says:

On behalf of Clema Corporation and Watanabe Engei, I am delighted to have become a Raymond Evison Brand grower for Japan.


It was over twenty years ago that we saw Mr. Evison for the first time.  We attended the lecture and demonstration given by him in Tokyo, Japan at that time, when we were deeply impressed by the clematis he bred.


It has been our dream, for a long time, to deal with his clematis at our company.  We have been engaged in growing and selling clematis for forty years.


In this fortieth anniversary year, we are delighted to have been given an opportunity to introduce the Raymond Evison Brand to the people in Japan.


(Contact details)


Clema corporation

Watanabe Engei 
Yuki Watanabe

Zip 411-0931


270-17  Higashino Hachibudaira     

Suntougun Sizuoka






レイモンドエビソンクレマチス社は㈱クレマコーポレーション (有)渡辺園芸が日本におけるレイモンドエビソンブランドの育成、販売会社になったことを喜んで公表致します。


世界最大級のクレマチス育成・販売会社であるレイモンド社は、日本のクレマチス業界を牽引する㈱クレマコーポレーション (有)渡辺園芸がガーンジー島で作出されたレイモンド社オリジナルの苗を日本で育て、販売することに賛同しています。






㈱クレマコーポレーション (有)渡辺園芸の渡邉友紀は2014年の夏にイギリス ガーンジー島にある弊社に訪れています。



私達クレマコーポレーション 渡辺園芸はこの度、日本におけるレイモンドブランド 育成、販売会社となったことを大変喜んでおります。











株式会社 クレマコーポレーション

有限会社 渡辺園芸


静岡県 駿東郡 長泉町 東野八分平

TEL 055-986-8778
FAX 055-986-7487 


H.P. :

Perfection is the name of the game for Raymond Evison when selecting new clematis plants.  Read more in this article -

Want to know more about Raymond Evison clematis?  See this BBC interview from May 2014, which also features the possible next 'Raymond Evison'!

BBC video

Raymond Evison Clematis are delighted to have been awarded their 26th gold medal at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.  Thanks to the team for their hard work this year.  Hope to see you at the show.


Art of the exhibit

Blue side of exhibit

Clematis 'umbrella'

Clematis 'umbrella'

If you didn't have the chance to visit Raymond Evison's gold-medal winning exhibit, have a look at these photos.


Clematis Crystal Fountain

Raymond with granddaughter Charlotte

Clematis in container

Clematis Ooh La La

Raymond constructed a wonderful display of clematis at the Philadelphia Flower Show in 2013.

We have many outlets selling our clematis in the USA and Canada.  Check out the list of garden centres here.

Clematis with perennials

Which? Gardening have trialled clematis for gardens and we are delighted that the following Raymond Evison Clematis in particular were found to be in peak flower for weeks, well covered with flowers and kept to a good size and shape for growing in pots:

Chantilly - "best for rain resistance"

Parisienne - "best for two flower flushes"

Crystal Fountain - "best for neat plant"

Rebecca - "best for fantastic flower coverage"

Josephine - "best for vigorous growth"


Click here to view the 4 minute video clip of Raymond's nursery in Guernsey including the clematis breeding programme and the new launches in 2010.


Raymond Evison Clematis are extremely grateful to Simon Griffiths and Karen Bransby of Squareroot Garden Planters for their brilliant design ideas and for the supply of their outstanding planters for our 2015 Chelsea Flower Show Exhibit.

Raymond Evison says "We worked together on our 2014 Chelsea Exhibit, which was awarded the RHS Gold Medal and I am very much looking forward to working with them again this year. I am very excited about using their brand new Hanging Planters for the first time.  It will be marvellous to be able to show the visitors to this year’s Chelsea Flower Show how well these are suited to our new clematis that have been developed especially for growing in hanging planters”.

3 clematis in planterClematis Edda in Spitfire nose cone

Squareroot Garden Planters' website

The Guernsey Clematis Nursery Ltd is delighted to announce that Fenchurch Advisory Partners have generously agreed to sponsor the Raymond Evison Clematis Exhibit at the 2015 Chelsea Flower Show.

Raymond Evison OBE VMH has exhibited at the world famous Chelsea Flower Show for a great number of years and to date has been awarded 26 Chelsea Flower Show Gold Medals for exhibits that he has either grown the plants for, helped stage the exhibit and in the last twelve years design the exhibits as well.


Raymond Evison says: “The generous sponsorship provided by Fenchurch Advisory Partners allows us to stage stunning exhibits that would not be possible otherwise due to costs. In 2014 we were able to display our clematis in a very contemporary way, a great change to previous exhibits. In 2015 we will again exhibit our clematis in a similar contemporary way, which was so much admired by visitors to the Show and gained us great TV coverage thanks to the sponsorship”.


Malik Karim, Chief Executive of Fenchurch Advisory Partners says: “Raymond Evison has an outstanding and richly-deserved record at Chelsea and we are delighted to be supporting him again.”

Raymond Evison OBE VMH, the founder and chairman of The Guernsey Clematis Nursery Limited has been awarded the Perennial Plant Association 2014 International Contributor Award.

The Perennial Plant Association is based in the USA and this annual award honours an individual who has made significant contributions to the herbaceous perennial industry through writing, lecturing, breeding, growing, retailing or designing with perennials.

Raymond Evison says “This is indeed a great honour.  I am aware of other people from around the world who have received this prestigious award, it came as a great surprise. To be selected by the PPA as the person from all over the world to receive this award for 2014 is truly something and a great accolade for our company on the island”.

Perennial Plant Association Award 2014

Raymond Evison's award-winning clematis are proving popular in Russia.  For those of you who speak Russian, here's a link to a recent magazine article featuring an interview with Raymond.  Click here.

April 2012 has been as usual an exciting time in our breeding department as we have been selecting some most marvellous new clematis cultivars which will be offered on the market in a few years' time.  We and our Joint Venture Partners, Poulsen Roser A/S have been looking at the same cultivars both in Guernsey and Denmark and are delighted with the new selections, now the work begins on their propagation.  Chris and Dace have been helping Raymond Evison to choose the best cultivars.

Chris and Dace reviewing new cultivars

Raymond J Evison Ltd. has been awarded the Royal Horticultural Society's Williams Memorial Medal for its exhibit of clematis plants at the Chelsea Flower Show 2010.  The award is granted to the best exhibit covering one particular genus of plants, out of any of the RHS shows, so the quality of competition is high.  This is the 6th time the company has won the award for a Chelsea exhibit.

In addition, Miss Maria Goncalves has been awarded the Mrs FE Rivis prize for her responsibility in growing the award-winning plants.

It's an exciting time selecting new breeding varieties.  Here Dace and Chris are picking out the best clematis and pollinating the crosses.

Dace and ChrisDace pollinating






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