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Clematis plants make an interesting and unusual indoor display.

Growing Clematis Indoors

Clematis make an interesting and unusual indoor display. A well selected and positioned plant can be grown for an extended period indoors or flowered indoors before planting outside.

Choose a well lit situation such as a windowsill or conservatory. Avoid hot/south facing positions in summer
Remove spent flowers to encourage further bud development. Once plant has ceased flowering it can be cut down to reflower OR be planted outside
Place plant in saucer and water plant from base by filling saucer. Clematis will require much more water than a normal houseplant and are likely to require watering every other day
If in a strongly heated room moisten occasionally with a spray mister

Suitable Varieties

The Garland® collection (Pistachio and Viennetta) are perhaps the best choices to grow indoors. They will typically flower for an eight week period and can then be planted outside or pruned to re-flower indoors. The Garland varieties have an exceptionally long flowering period, evergreen/near evergreen foliage, and can be flowered year round.
The Boulevard® collection (Angelique, Cezanne, Chantilly, Parisienne, Picardy, Abilene etc.) are extremely compact and will typically flower for 4-6 weeks indoors but perform even better if they are then re-potted and grown outside.