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Regal® (doubles) Clematis & Climbing Plants

Regal® (doubles)

  • Double flowered clematis with long flower life.
  • Can be grown in gardens or containers.
  • Use with wall mounted supports, trellis, pergolas or obelisks.

Regal® (doubles) Clematis & Climbing Plants

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Clematis Josephine ™ of the Regal® (doubles) family

Josephine ™ Evijohill

Clematis Crystal Fountain ™ of the Regal® (doubles) family

Crystal Fountain ™ Evipo038

Clematis Empress ™ of the Regal® (doubles) family

Empress ™ Evipo011

Clematis Diamantina ™ of the Regal® (doubles) family

Diamantina ™ Evipo039

Clematis Charmaine ™ of the Regal® (doubles) family

Charmaine ™ Evipo022