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Empress ™


A very exotic flower. As the outer sepals fall away, the spiky centre will remain on the flower stalk for up to 3 weeks.

Due to the heavy nature of the flower, it is best grown with some shelter from strong winds, by growing it through other wall-trained shrubs or up into the base of shrubs growing at the bottom of archways or pergolas.

Even after a severe winter, when all top growth may be killed to soil level, it will rebloom with the fully double spiky flowers.

Can be grown successfully in a container in a sheltered part of the garden.

Also known under denomination Evipo011(N)


Late Spring to early autumn (Fall)


South, west or east-facing positions


6-8 ft. (180-240cm)


Reduce all top growth by one third late winter-early Spring


Zones 4-9 USA, Fully Hardy in UK.


Regal® (doubles)