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Amethyst Beauty ™ Evipo043

Selected for its unrivalled flowering habit, this new type of clematis is extremely well flowered. It starts flowering at only 18" (45cm) from soil level and continues to flower until its final height of 6 ft. (180cm).

A superb plant for growing in a container or up into the base of roses or shrubs growing on an archway or pergola. Easy to grow and cultivate.

Launched at the 2010 Hampton Court Palace Flower Show.


Early to late summer


Any aspect except north


6ft. (180cm)


Reduce all stems down to 6" (15cm) late winter/early Spring


Zones 4-9 USA, H5 UK (Learn more)


Patio & Garden

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    Supplied year round as a mature 2yr old green plant in large 1.5Litre Pot with 45cm trellis. Pruned & ready to plant outdoors. Shoots emerging from woody stems to trellis height.

    (If sent in winter months, Nov-Feb, deciduous leaves will be removed)