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Rebecca ™ Evipo016

Launched at the 2008 Chelsea Flower Show and named after Raymond Evison's oldest daughter Rebecca. An all-time favourite of gardeners everywhere in the world.

A plant that is happy either growing in a garden location or in a container for the deck garden, patio, or outdoor dining area. As a garden plant, it can be grown in association with either wall-trained or free-standing shrubs, or up into other plants growing up and over an archway or pergola.

A great, value-for-money clematis that has already become a classic plant.


Early summer to early autumn (Fall)


Any aspect


6ft. (180cm)


Reduce all top growth down to 6" (15cm) late winter/early Spring


Zones 4-9 USA, H5 UK (Learn more)


Patio & Garden

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  • Standard £12.99

    Supplied year round as a mature 2yr old green plant in large 1.5Litre Pot with 45cm trellis. Pruned & ready to plant outdoors. Shoots emerging from woody stems to trellis height.

    (If sent in winter months, Nov-Feb, deciduous leaves will be removed)