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29/04/2017 RHS Nursery Tour

Join ,Raymond Evison OBE VMH FLS and Chelsea Flower Show Gold Medal winner on a tour of the clematis production and breeding departments ,followed by a practical talk on growing clematis in the garden and the selection of the best modern cultivars .


Private nursery hosting .

Growing & Breeding clematis .

On 29th April 10-09hrs to 12-30hrs .

RHS Members adult rate £8.95 .

Non Members £10-95 .

To book call 01481 245942

Exciting plant seekers' holiday with Raymond Evison

Raymond is very much looking forward to returning to China again.  His first expedition there was in 1981 when he found 25 different clematis species.  In 1998 he found 45 different clematis species, including a new plant to science - an inter-species clematis hybrid.  However, Raymond's plant interests go way beyond the genus clematis and he is always very excited to find plants that he knows from cultivation in Europe actually growing in their native China.

This China Tour is certainly a chance in a lifetime opportunity for everyone.

The 2015 departure will be escorted by Christoper Bailes, former curator of RHS Rosemoor and the Chelsea Physic Garden and Raymond Evison, RHS Vice President and a world-leading clematis expert.  See link for further details. Travel details.